Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coffee, De-Café,
Tea, Ice Tea, Sweet Tea,
RC Cola, Dr. Pepper, Seven- Up, Lemonade, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple, and Orange Juice

Rare - Partially cooked, cold inside 115 degrees
Medium Rare - Cooked with pinkish to red all the way through, tender, and juicy 125 degrees
Medium - Partially over-cooked 140 degrees
Medium Well  - Over-cooked, dried out with 24% loss of original weight 150 degrees
Well Done - Completely over-cooked with most of the flavor, texture and weight destroyed 160 degrees

Steaks may be cooked to order.  Consuming raw or undercooked steaks may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Dinner menu


"The PuB"


Dine over the water!  Sailor's Pub is located on one of our large docks looking over the water, providing beautiful scenery and sunsets.

The Pub wasn't always a restaurant.  Before Shipyard Island Marina, Inc. purchased the site the building was used to store and sell lumber.  Shipyard turned the building into a charter fishing supply store, and a pool hall/pub.  It was eventually converted to a full-service restaurant.  In 2003 the interior of the restaurant was completely renovated to provide a more intimate and comfortable dining experience. 

Outside deck seating is available, weather permitting.  There are large umbrellas and windscreens for the less than perfect days, but expect a relaxing experience nonetheless.

Andy Sr., Chef and owner, created a diverse, fresh, and unique menu to please every taste in food and drink.  We also offer a full service bar.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted.  Gift certificates available.



Andy’s Crab Cakes
3oz crab cakes served with honey wasabi sauce on the side and Pub Seagull Nest Onion Strings.

Coconut Shrimp
Two gulf shrimp deep fried in macadamia nuts and coconut batter also served with Pub Nest Onion Strings.

Pub Seagull Nest Onion Strings
Our very own onion strings deep-fried and served with a sweet and spicy sauce


Mandarin Oranges & Spicy Pecan Salad
Mandarin oranges, spicy pecans, dried cherries, Gorgonzola cheese, and red onion over fresh green lettuce served with cherry Vinaigrette dressing.
Add Chicken Breast.

Caesar Salad
Romaine tossed with our special Caesar dressing, croutons, and shredded parmesan cheese.
Add Chicken Breast.

Greek Salad
Mix of freshly tossed greens with feta cheese, Greek olives, cucumbers, onions, artichokes, tomatoes, and our special Greek dressing.
Add Chicken Breast.


Sailor's Pub Open Faced Steak Sandwich

Topped with creamy horseradish sauce and Pub Nest onion rings on brioche bread.

Sailor's Pub Chicken Florentine

Grilled Chicken slices mixed with sauteed spinach, onions, red peppers, and topped with provolone cheese on grilled flat bread.


Some entrees include fresh baked bread and choice of fresh vegetable, jasmine rice, bake potato, American fries, and French fries.

Add a small dinner salad or small Caesar salad.


Lobster in Vodka Tomato Sauce
Four cheese sacchetti over zucchini and prosciutto topped with parmesan cheese, no sides.
Substitute with a grilled chicken breast

Roasted Vegetable Ravioli
Creamed peppadew sauce with shiitake mushrooms and spinach, and topped with parmesan cheese, no sides.

Tuscan Ratatouille Tart
A garden fresh bouquet of fire roasted zucchini, yellow squash, onions, eggplant, and mushroom; perfectly seasoned accompanied by a rich blend of herb cheese and ricotta in a sun-dried tomato tart shell with sautéed orecchiette in garlic olive oil, no sides.

Fettuccine Alfredo
Sailor’s Pub’s very own rich, creamy Alfredo sauce with fettuccine, no sides.
Add shrimp or chicken.


Island Scallops
Large Sea Scallops tossed with fresh spinach served in a silky sauce with curry served over rice, no sides.  This is one to remember.

Coconut Shrimp
Gulf Shrimp rolled in Macadamia nuts and coconut, and then deep fried – crackles as you bite – served with our special dipping sauce.

Alaskan Salmon with Capers and Vodka Sauce

Alaskan Salmon grilled with seasoned capers vodka sauce over fettuccini, no sides.

Alaskan Salmon with Basil Pesto Sauce
A great combination - grilled to perfection & served over fettucine, no sides. House Favorite.

White Fish
Skinless & Pin-boned sprinkled with butter and paprika – A treasure from our surrounding waters.

Great Lakes Perch
Caught in the “wild”, dipped in beer batter, Panko breading plus our fresh seasonings.  Served with Honey Wasabi dipping sauce

Meat & Poultry

Baked Duck
Covered with dark sweet cherry chianti sauce that just melts in your mouth.

Delmonico Rib Eye Steak
10 - 12 oz Angus Rib Eye. Very flavorful and juicy.  Served with an onion ring and a choice of side.

Boneless Short Ribs
Boneless short ribs with a Madeira wine veal glaze served with jasmine rice – no sides