Then & Now

The site now known as Shipyard Island Marina, Inc. began as the main ferry terminal about 70 years ago. Vessels came once a week to deliver goods, visitors, and residents to the Island.  In 1935, it was purchased by Chester Jensen and was established as a boat yard,aptly called Ship Yard.  Here Lumber was sold and commercial fish tugs were serviced.  A marine railway was installed so the large boats could be hauled out of the water. The Ship Yard again was sold and the new sold paint and hardware, and began boat building.  Several Island families owned the marina after that and gradual changes were made.  There were several small structures on the property, one of which was raised in 1975 to accommodate a boat storage building.  A home on site served as the living quarters for previous owners and their caretakers. Our family originally vacationed from the Chicago area and fell in love with the Island.  During the summer months we operated the Anjelo B Charter Service, and when the marina became available late in 1982 we jumped at the chance to purchase it and made the Island our home. We changed the name to Shipyard Island Marina,and made many improvements.  Moorings and a break-wall to the east were added.  The living quarters became our Ship's Store and company offices.  The marine railway was removed and replaced with a marine TraveLift.  In 1986, we purchased adjacent property to the east and added a heated marine repair building, allowing us to become a full-service, year-round business.   Two of the original buildings are still on the present site.  The lumber storage building first became our charter fishing supply shop and a pool hall/pub, and is now the well-known Sailor’s Pub Restaurant.  The original boat storage building, “The Yellow Building”, is still used for boat storage. In 1993, we negotiated a lease with the Town of Washington for three acres of land where we added a heated boat storage building.  We also upgraded our original TraveLift to a larger 70-ton TraveLift, allowing us to accommodate vessels up to 90'.  Our latest improvements include a new 12,000 gallon fuel tank, vacuum holding tank/pump-out system, laundry facilities, and restaurant renovation.  Over the years, and most recently in 2000, we dredged to allow boaters to more easily get in and out of the marina. The marina is currently owned and operated by Andrew J. Munao, Sr. (father),Bonnie D. Munao (mother), Louis Munao (son), and Andrew J. Munao, Jr.(son).